Ondersteuning Business Continuity Management (BCM)

What if there is a fire? What if a pandemic breaks out? What if the office floods? How do I get my business back up and running as soon as possible, if only to keep the most critical business processes running at their bare minimum?

It is important to identify the potential threats prior to these events, along with the impact they may have on business continuity. We call this process Business Continuity Management, and it aims to make companies resilient to any kind of threat.

What is Business Continuity Management?

Business Continuity Management (“BCM”) comprises everything a company does to identify potential threats that jeopardise the continuity of business operations and to act on as well as monitor this. By actively thinking about and dealing with this, the adverse consequences of a disruptive incident can be reduced or even avoided altogether. BCM therefore includes the preparation of a Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”).

A BCP sets out the business-critical processes that have to keep going (in a limited form) after a disruptive incident. The purpose of a BCP is to give the company guidance on what steps to take after a disruptive incident has occurred. It identifies who is responsible for what, in order to ensure that the most important processes can get up and running again as soon as possible. The BCP also sets out how the potential consequences can be mitigated.

When continuity is not properly safeguarded within a company, it poses several risks, like reputational damage and financial consequences (such as lost sales), but also additional costs that need to be incurred to get everything back in order. Cuccibu recommends implementing sound Business Continuity Management to minimise, as far as possible, such damage in the case of an impending disruptive incident, or when preventing it. This is not only to mitigate (or prevent) negative consequences, but also to make the company stronger; to know what you need to run your critical processes; to think about whether you could work differently, should that be necessary. This can also lead to input which makes processes more efficient and effective.

Our Business Continuity Management services

Establishing BCM and developing a BCP is a comprehensive and knowledge-intensive process. Our services range from supporting your company by performing an initial analysis of the threats to taking charge of organising the entire Business Continuity Management process.


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