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entesting (Penetration testing) refers to the act of deliberately trying to penetrate (a component of) an IT environment, for the purpose of testing its security. Pentesting is a form of security assessment in which Cyber Security professionals act like hackers. During a pentest, these professionals search for vulnerabilities and actually exploit them in order to invade or otherwise compromise an IT environment.

The end product of a pentest performed by Cuccibu is an advisory report including recommendations for improvement and a translation of the findings into specific business risks. That way, the company can prioritise properly and get started on improvements!

Are you not interested in how a hacker can get into your computer system? But what vulnerabilities can be found in your organization? Then a vulnerability assessment might be a better fit!

How does a pentest work?

Pentests can be carried out in several ways and on different components of an IT environment. The object to be investigated might be the IT infrastructure, but it could also be a specific application or web application that is tested for vulnerabilities. A pentest performed by Cuccibu comprises the following steps:

  1. Kick-off: Scoping & Planning
  2. Discovery & Scanning
  3. Test & Exploitation
  4. Reporting

Our approach is based on a tried and tested, effective method for identifying and properly addressing vulnerabilities. In addition, there is a difference between the degree of knowledge the pentesters have before starting the test. The difference between what is referred to as Black, Grey and White box Pentesting ranges from no knowledge of the environment to be hacked to full knowledge of the environment to be hacked.

We use standard techniques and tooling to carry out the pentest. A pentest also tests known vulnerabilities, like the OWASP top 10. Prior to a pentest, we could perform an OSINT or Social Engineering assignment to gather already relevant information as input for the pentest.



What do our pentesting services comprise?

Cuccibu’s pentesters are experienced in performing all kinds of pentests. In addition to basic vulnerability scans, we also perform in-depth pentests to penetrate environments and applications. This ranges from Black to White box pentests and one-off tests to periodic tests to assess a company’s security on a more frequent basis.

How often should I perform Penetration Testing?

We recommend that every organization performs a pentest at least once a year. This maintains insight into the state of the environment’s current security and enables security to be kept up-to-date. Keeping security up to date is important because new vulnerabilities are often developed and exploited. In addition, a pen test is a means of determining whether implemented security measures are effective.

The Cuccibu Team

Our pentest team consists of reliable and experienced professionals. They know how to identify your organizational needs and help you in the right way.

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