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If your company is established outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) but processes personal data of individuals within the EU/EEA, your company will be required to comply with the requirements of the GDPR, even if the privacy and data protection laws in your company’s country of establishment differ or are less stringent.

How should you meet the standards set by the GDPR, taking into account the requirements under local laws and regulations? In such situations, your company may find it difficult to deal with the (additional) requirements arising from the GDPR, like communication with data subjects and data protection authorities. Cuccibu can help you comply with your GDPR requirements, starting by appointing an EU representative.

What is an EU representative?

An EU representative is an organisation that represents your company within the EU/EEA if your company does not have an establishment there. This is a GDPR requirement for companies that meet one of the GDPR’s conditions regarding its territorial scope. This means and includes any company that (actively) approaches, monitors or tracks individuals within the EU.

The EU representative’s responsibility is to act as the first point of contact for both regulatory authorities and data subjects. This means that the EU representative is authorised to communicate on behalf of your company, and will take on that role in providing information about your company’s personal data processing operations (in the privacy statement, for example).

An EU representative is not the same as a Data Protection Officer. An EU representative represents your company within the EU/EEA, and can also assist in meeting obligations for which implementation activities are required. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is an internal supervisor and a separate GDPR requirement for some companies.

Do you need a Data Protection Officer or do you want to know if you are required to appoint one? Click here for more information about this role and our DPO services.

How does Cuccibu help meet your EU-representative obligation?

We act as EU representative for a number of companies. Our duties in that role include:

  • liaising between your company and the data protection authorities;
  •  receiving and processing communications with data subjects on behalf of your company, including requests in connection with data subjects’ rights;
  • where required, sending data breach notifications to the regulatory authorities and/or data subjects;
  • ensuring that Cuccibu is recognised as your company’s EU representative.

We can, naturally, also help your company with privacy-related issues under local laws and regulations or with rolling out the GDPR in your company.

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